Riley Doglet

The Life of Riley and Bobbi

We are going on a holiday you say? What's a holiday?? Oh

.... Did you pack my SwimmersπŸ‘™?? 🌺

It's too far!!!!
Where are we off to, Dad? Can we go to the beach? We have heaps of stuff


Throw back Thursday
Happy Day of ❀️LOVE❀️
Night all, got to get my beauty sleep, there just may be a special Valentine out there for me πŸŽ€β€οΈπŸŽ€
Hanging with my humung bean
My pin up moves πŸ’‹
Getting intense!!
Cooling off is my favourite pastime at the moment πŸ’¦
What to do on a rainy day? Annihilate the bed then have a sleep

That's for starters, anyway. Might wreak some chaos when I wake up, if I feel like it.

I think my sister need an exorcist πŸ‘Ί
Splashing with megabrat @bobbi_le_froggie
Wrapping my chops around some 🍏
I was tagged by @frankie

and.daisy for a closeup snap so here is my little mug up close

Managed to lay my paws on Riley's bone 😈
"Come on

... Take the ball, I dare you!"

300 followers, thank you all very much! I am grateful to each of you πŸŽ‰β˜ΊοΈ
Getting my multidirectional πŸ‘€ happening
Who 🌬 'ted?? Was packed here a minute ago
Tongue out Tuesday! Curling it for my Buddies πŸ˜›

... Are we there yet?

I gotta get a smaller ball or a bigger head!
Do you think blue is our colour?
Flashback to when I was a little tacker like @bobbi_le_froggie
So how come Riley gets a few extra minutes play time? πŸ˜”
"Chauffeur! Home, pronto

....I am wet and I am dirty..... No wait, I love it like this πŸ˜„"

I am such a handsome prince - I should have more minions than just Dad! πŸ€”
Happy Days
@ari_the_frenchbulldog memorial garden is all finished

He will never be forgotten whilst those who loved him live

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