Impulse control

I went to another puppy class last night and there were THREE other staffy puppies!,,,,
Wow!! They were all a bit crazy like me! Mum and Dad were sooo relieved that there are other people suffering just like them!
The class was all about IMPULSE CONTROL so it wasn’t much fun for staffies ‘caus we are just full of ’em. I didn’t get my photo taken at tonight’s class ‘caus my impulses were pulsing, but Tyson did. Tyson is one week older than me, he is 11 weeks and he has learnt how to loose some impulses in the garden before you go to class! This is Suzanne Wright, mum’s and my Guru, with Tyson. Suzanne is helping Tyson hold the rest of those pesky impulses in his chest.

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This is me two nights ago at class with all of my impulses in full flight.

Pawnote: Suzanne Wright runs Doggie Business and has yummo treats and lots of cooel stuff in her head my Mum calls knowledge, I just like the treats!