My first day with my new humans!

The trip home in the car. Well it wasn’t so bad!


Then we stopped so I could have a wee…..which I did but it was also my first time on the lead…..that wasn’t so bad either. \ buy steroids \ semen volume pills \ hgh for men \ premature ejaculation pills


When we finally got to my new home I met my new friend Maddie, that also wasn’t too bad.


After mastering my new dog door I put myself to bed, it had been a HUGE morning!!


Then it was up again to play with some of the things my new friends the ‘Watsons’ gave me.




And then it was time for another siesta.


My friends, Michelle, Justin, Mia and Ava bought me some treats and this cool balloon (which Mum won’t let me play with).

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And then it was time for more of this … and it’s not even 5:30pm …