Things I know at almost 20 weeks old

Mums give the best cuddles.
Small dogs don’t seem to like me much?????
My favourite treat is what my Mum calls chicken chewing gum, kinda like dehydrated chicken popcorn………yuuummmo gummo!
Dad is a fun guy! (When I’m not in trouble)
My cat runs faster than me!
My cousin Ruby is a bed pincher, but I can pinch her bones in retaliation!
You can’t catch bush turkeys (and my Mum thinks this is a good thing????)
Walking to Mums work is a long way…….and way boring!
I don’t have enough toys…..or beds!
I am getting used to all Mums kissing, when I grin and bear it, it is over quickly.
I love sand! And puddles! But mostly sand!
I have a sneaking suspicion that I’m a lucky guy!